First Post: Off to the Innocence Network Conference!

I recently decided to keep my personal (read: professional) website up-to-date, and part of doing so will include occasional blog posts. This felt like a fitting way to kick off that effort. 

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading to Atlanta for the annual Innocence Network Conference, where several hundred exonerees, their families, lawyers, advocates, scholars, and more gather to discuss all things wrongful convictions. This will be the fourth time I’ve attended this meeting and each time manages to surpass the previous one. Unlike the academic conferences I usually attend – where pretentious self-importance is the order of the day and seems to give one standing, and where practices commonly, if not often, cross the lines of professional and personal ethics – the Innocence Network meeting is different. Certainly, there is an educational component, but it’s not purely intellectual. It is enlightening in a way that is much harder to explain; one that is emotional, almost spiritual.

As someone who works for an innocence organization once told me, attending this conference and spending time among exonerees, who have endured something that is beyond comprehension for most of us but manage to push on with grace and humility, has a tendency to “cleanse the soul.” I can’t wait to catch up with this group of amazing, inspiring people (and a few friends, too).

See y’all on the other side. 

I don’t know how often I’ll be making blog posts, but we’ll see. I certainly won’t spam your Facebook feeds or anything, but please feel free to check back here on occasion. I tend to have a wandering mind, so who knows what I’ll post about?

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