Blog Posts and Other Writing

In addition to my scholarly work, I occasionally blog on Medium. I sometimes write about crime, law, and justice, but other posts may involve anything from politics to higher education to pop culture (and anything else on my mind). You can find my page here or access individual posts below. All essays are published on Medium unless otherwise noted.

“Sharing Ourselves in the Classroom” (on the importance of building personal connections with students)

“Self-Awareness and Self-Education in the Wake of (Yet Another) Police Shooting”(personal reflections and reading recommendations in the aftermath of the Jacob Blake shooting)

“Killing without Knowing: We Did It Again” (about the execution of Walter Barton)

“The Joker and Mental Illness” (about the film’s depiction of a main character suffering from mental illness)

“Reflecting on Joker” (general impressions after watching the film)

“The Death Penalty in the 21st Century” (about the current state of capital punishment in the U.S.)

“In Exonerations, How You Communicate Matters” (The Crime Report; with Kevin Mullinix, about how pop culture can change public opinion)

“The Lessons of ‘When They See Us'” (reflecting on what we can learn from the Netflix series about the Central Park Five case)

“Is This Really a ‘Witch Hunt’?” (about Donald Trump’s claim that he is the victim of “the greatest Witch Hunt in American History”)

“What Do We Owe the Wrongly Convicted?” (about society’s debt to victims of false conviction)

“Why NOT Test the DNA?” (about the Sedley Alley case)

“Academics Can (and Should) Learn from the Fields They Study” (about the need for social scientists to embrace learning beyond data)