As a researcher, I am generally interested in change – how reform happens and how it is affected by social, cultural, political, and legal factors. Specifically, I focus on the criminal justice system and legal processes.

Much of my work addresses issues related to wrongful convictions and miscarriages of justice. I have published articles and book chapters on state policy responses to wrongful convictions and about how we can advance the study of miscarriages of justice through theoretical and methodological development. My book, Exonerated, details the history of the innocence movement in the United States. 

I also have an interest in criminal admissions – when suspects or defendants are encouraged to admit their guilt, whether during a police interrogation or through plea bargaining. I have written about the vulnerabilities of certain populations of suspects to interrogation tactics, techniques used to elicit true and false admissions, and the factors that influence decision-making in plea bargaining.

Other recent research interests include public opinion and laws targeting the homeless and their advocates. 


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