Current Research Projects

Wrongful Convictions: State Policies and Public Opinion (with Kevin Mullinix and William Hicks)

In this project, we explore the development of state policies designed to mitigate, discover, and remedy wrongful convictions across the U.S., as well as the effects of wrongful convictions on attitudes toward the justice system.

Race and Perceptions of Police (with Kevin Mullinix and Toby Bolsen)

This project uses a variety of survey experiments to explore the public attitudes toward law enforcement, and how citizens respond to information about racial disparities.

Behavioral Ethics and Organizational Failures (with Catherine Bonventre)

We are using a series of case studies to examine the individual and organizational factors that may lead to unethical behaviors in ways that generate wrongful convictions.

Anti-Homeless Policies in the United States (with Christopher Dum)

In this project, we critically examines policies that target the homeless and their advocates as acts of state harm, arguing that by criminalizing acts of benevolence, they may actually exacerbate social injustice, rather than alleviate it.