Articles, Book Chapters, & Reports

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 Journal and Law Review Articles

The Influence of Confessions on Guilty Pleas and Plea Discounts” (Allison D. Redlich, Shi Yan, Robert J. Norris, & Shawn D. Bushway), Psychology, Public Policy, and Law (In press).

Preventing Wrongful Convictions: An Analysis of State Investigation Reforms” (Robert J. Norris, Catherine L. Bonventre, Allison D. Redlich, James R. Acker, & Carmen Lowe), Criminal Justice Policy Review (In press).

Framing DNA: Social Movement Theory and the Foundations of the Innocence Movement,” 33 Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice 26-42 (2017).

Punishing Benevolence: The Criminalization of Homeless Feeding as an Act of State Harm” (Christopher P. Dum, Robert J. Norris, & Kevin Weng), 25 Critical Criminology 483-506 (2017).

Plea Decision-making by Attorneys and Judges” (Allison D. Redlich, Shawn D. Bushway, & Robert J. Norris), 12 Journal of Experimental Criminology 537-561 (2016).

Foreword: Elephants in the Courtroom: Examining Overlooked Issues in Wrongful Convictions” (James R. Acker, Allison D. Redlich, Catherine L. Bonventre, & Robert J. Norris), 79 Albany Law Review 705-715 (2016).

“Advancing Wrongful Conviction Scholarship: Towards New Conceptual Frameworks” (Robert J. Norris & Catherine L. Bonventre), 32 Justice Quarterly 929-949 (2015).

“An Explicit Test of Plea Bargaining in the ‘Shadow of the Trial'” (Shawn D. Bushway, Allison D. Redlich, & Robert J. Norris), 52 Criminology 723-754 (2014).

“Seeking Justice, Compromising Truth? Criminal Admissions and the Prisoner’s Dilemma” (Robert J. Norris & Allison D. Redlich), 77 Albany Law Review 1005-1038 (2014).

“Assessing Compensation Statutes for the Wrongly Convicted,” 23 Criminal Justice Policy Review 352-374 (2012).

“‘Than That One Innocent Suffer’: Evaluating State Safeguards Against Wrongful Convictions” (Robert J. Norris, Catherine L. Bonventre, Allison D. Redlich, & James R. Acker), 74 Albany Law Review 1301-1364 (2011).


Scholarly Book Chapters

“Exoneree Compensation: Current Policies and Future Outlook,” in Wrongful Conviction and Criminal Justice Reform: Making Justice (Zalman & Carrano, eds.), New York, NY: Routledge (2014).

“Studying Innocence: Advancing Methods and Data” (Catherine L. Bonventre, Robert J. Norris, & Emily West), in Examining Wrongful Convictions: Stepping Back, Moving Forward (Redlich, Acker, Norris, & Bonventre, eds.), Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press (2014).

“At-risk Populations Under Investigation and At Trial” (Robert J. Norris & Allison D. Redlich), in Conviction of the Innocent: Lessons from Psychological Research (Cutler, ed.), Washington, DC: American Psychological Association Press.


Reports and Miscellaneous Publications

“Investigating Overlooked Issues in Wrongful Conviction Scholarship: Race, Guilty Pleas, Misdemeanors, and Methods” (Allison D. Redlich, James R. Acker, Catherine L. Bonventre, & Robert J. Norris), National Institute of Justice Special Report (Forthcoming).

“False and Coerced Confession” (Jeremy Shifton, Robert J. Norris, & Allison D. Redlich), Oxford Bibliographies Online, Oxford University Press (2015).

“Actual Innocence Research” (Robert J. Norris & Allison D. Redlich, eds.), American Psychology-Law Society Newsletter (2010-2015).

“Bargaining in the Shadow of Trial: Exploring the Reach of Evidence Outside the Jury Box” (Allison D. Redlich, Shawn D. Bushway, Robert J. Norris, & Shi Yan), Final Report to the National Institute of Justice (2013).


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