George Mason University

CRIM 100: Introduction to Criminal Justice (in-person and online asynchronous)

CRIM 402: Punishment and Corrections (Online asynchronous)

CRIM 424: Constitutional Law: Criminal Process and Rights

CRIM 490: Wrongful Convictions

CRIM 595/795: Learning from Errors in the Justice System (Graduate)

Appalachian State University

CJ 2150: The Court System (formerly, The Judicial Process)

CJ 3552: Criminal Procedure

CJ 3665: Innocence in the Criminal Justice System

CJ 5545: Punishment and Corrections

University at Albany

RCRJ 302: Punishment and Corrections

RCRJ 202: Introduction to Law and Criminal Justice (Discussion Leader)

RCRJ 426: Moot Court (Teaching Assistant)

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